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Conozca a nuestro equipo

Conozca al grupo de personas dedicadas que operan GOAL

Nuestros Miembros de la Junta Directiva

Our working group brings together representatives from Cabrillo College and our three school districts. Each representative provides an area of expertise to help align our partners around specific goals, such as building career pathways for our community. Our working groups help the GOAL consortium continue to create and meet goals that realistically serve the needs of adult learning our community.


Our working group core areas of focus:


Dr. Faris Sabbah


Oficina de Educación 

del Condado de Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz City Schools Superintendent Kris Munro

Kris Munro


Escuelas de la ciudad de Santa Cruz



Distrito Escolar Unificado de Pájaro Valley 

Carillo President Dr. Matthew Wetstein.

Dr. Matthew Wetstein


Colegio Cabrillo 

Andy Stone


Colegio Cabrillo 


Personal de GOAL

Dewis wix.jpg
Carena Dewis
Lindas picture.jpeg
Linda Bernabe

GOAL Director,
Cabrillo College GOAL

Research Analyst,
Cabrillo College GOAL

Our Steering Committee represents the educational and community organizations that help support and guide the efforts of GOAL in coordinating, expanding, and improving adult education in Santa Cruz County.


Mejorar la educación para adultos en el condado de Santa Cruz toma tiempo, dedicación y tener un corazón al que le importan los aprendices adultos. Estamos muy agradecidos por tener tener al frente de GOAL a estos cuatro grupos que abogan por la educación. Juntos aprendemos, colaboramos, tomamos decisiones y hacemos el trabajo de mejorar la educación para adultos en el condado de Santa Cruz.  

1. ESL: Aligning course curriculum with Adult Education to Cabrillo’s non-­credit courses or credit English as a Second Language courses.


2. Data Research Outcomes: Designing and implementing a tracking system to record the progress of students


3. Marketing: Building a brand for the consortia, as well as ways at looking to build regional marketing

4. CTE/ Apprenticeship: Developing pathways from Adult Education CTE classes to Cabrillo College and/or to employment

5. ABE/ASE: Looking at ways to develop and increase availability to taking the GED. Identifying ways to build programs back into sections of the county that haven’t had support


6. Parents: Setting up parameters given to the group for current parent programs

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