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Student Sucess Stories

We've seen adult education change lives.  We believe it can do the same for you.

At GOAL, we know when you succeed in your job, in your community, or at home, we all succeed. Our local economy does better, our communities are more engaged and our families are healthier and happier.


That’s because finding a better job, learning English or earning your diploma can lay the foundation for something bigger in your life. These seemingly small steps can create big outcomes of more financial stability, less stress, and more opportunities for you and your family to succeed.

The environment became like a second home for me. My classmates and teachers were super nice and the counselors are awesome. They break it down so it’s not so overwhelming.

- Kelley

- Ovidio

The people are so nice and so is my teacher. I am so thankful for her! Everyone is so friendly and we all have a laugh every day. I just love it.

- Shams

Kelley's success story (womanin maroon shirt, speaking with mic at podium)

Definitely start taking adult ed classes. They are a stepping stone for a higher education. Never give up!

- Ovidio

Ovidio's success story (man smiling with blue dress shirt)
Sham's success story (woman weaing a red hijab, holds microphone at podium)
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